21st biennial congress – In-person – 11-14 Sep, 2024 Lausanne, Switzerland


Abstracts submission

All abstracts must contain original, new research and be submitted via our abstract submission portal.


Abstracts can be submitted to one of two presentation types:

  • Standard oral presentations: Oral presentations in this category will be between 15-20 minutes long, including time for audience questions.
  • Poster presentations: Two specific poster sessions with additional opportunity to present poster during lunch and coffee breaks throughout the congress.


All abstracts must be submitted via our abstract submission portal by the deadlines advertised on our congress website. Please follow the rules of submission and specific guidance below. All character counts below include spaces.

  • Select the appropriate category for your abstract: standard oral/poster.
  • The title of the abstract is limited to 150 characters. Please ensure that your title is inputted in title case. Do not enter the title in all capital or all lowercase letters.
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words and include the following named sections: Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusion.
  • Up to 6 keywords should be submitted.
  • Up to 6 authors can be listed on the abstract on our submission system. For longer authorship lists, please consider using group authorship or contact us (support_team@lausanne-tourisme.ch).
  • Please provide complete and accurate information on all contributing authors. This includes the full name and complete (up to 6) affiliations of every (co-)author.
  • The first author will be listed in the published program as the speaker.
  • The person making the submission is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the information. The information will be published (online program) as submitted. Please use your university address, not your personal one.

Submission system information

Abstracts can be saved in “Draft” status to be re-edited and finalised until the submission deadline (April 30, 2024). Therefore, the submitter will be required to create a user account.

ECR Prizes

We will run 2 competitions for ECR*, including our prestigious ECR Keynote Prize, as well as prizes awarded for the best poster presentations. The awards will be judged by a panel of the Scientific Advisory Board on quality of presentation, scientific rigour and importance to our field. The judges’ decisions will be final. Winners of the ECR Keynote prizes and the poster prizes will present a 15-minute ECR keynote and a 5-minute presentation, respectively, in our main auditorium. The Winners of the ECR Keynote prizes will also receive a complementary ticket to our 21st gala dinner in Olympic Museum.

*We define ECRs as students or postdoctoral researchers within 5 years of the award of their doctoral degree. Proof of status will be requested during the submission process.

Key Dates

Congress Dates
11-14 September 2024

Registration Open
1st February 2024

Registration Close
2nd September 2024

Call for abstracts
1st February 2024

Abstracts submission
30th April 2024