21st biennial congress – In-person – 11-14 Sep, 2024 Lausanne, Switzerland

Code of conduct

The EPA Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry organising committee is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere for all participants at our 21st Biennial Congress.

To contribute to this positive environment, delegates are expected to:
• maintain a kind, courteous, and professional manner. Listen to people and be respectful of differing viewpoints.
• demonstrate respect for individuals regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, nationality and religious beliefs.
• seek consent from the presenter or delegate before taking photos or videos.

Our conference team will be available throughout the event to address any concerns or discuss any instances of inappropriate behaviour. We value your co-operation in maintaining a respectful and harmonious conference.
Please be aware that any delegates not following the code of conduct may be asked to leave.

Key Dates

Congress Dates
11-14 September 2024

Registration Open
1st February 2024

Registration Close
2nd September 2024

Call for abstracts
1st February 2024

Abstracts submission
30th April 2024