We have previously held the following conferences. Our first four meetings took place under the auspices of the European Symposium on Psychiatric Epidemiology, before our Section was officially founded as part of the EPA following the main EPA conference in 1988.
List of Previous Congresses
  1. Mannheim/Germany (Heinz Häfner), March 28-30, 1977: Estimating Needs for Mental Care.
  2. Aarhus/Denmark (Erik Stromgren), September 26-28, 1979: Epidemiological Research as a Basis for the Organization of Extramural Psychiatry.
  3. Hanasaari/Finland (Kalle Achté), September 12-15, 1982: Research in Mental Health of the Elderly. Epidemiology, Prevention and Services Research.
  4. Copenhagen/Denmark (Marianne Kastrup), June 3-5, 1986: Topic not specified.

At the 4th Congress of the AEP in Strasbourg (France), October 21, 1988, our Section was formally founded as the AEP-Section “Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry”.

  1. Manchester/UK (David Goldberg), April 12-14, 1989: Social Psychiatry and Public Health.
  2. Zurich/Switzerland (Jules Angst), April 8-10, 1992: Topic not specified.
  3. Vienna/Austria (Heinz Katschnig), April 7-9, 1994: Quality of Life and Disabilities in Mental  Disorders.
  4. Cambridge/UK (Anthony H Mann), April 11-13, 1996: The  Role of Epidemiology in Psychiatry: Current Perspectives and Future Trends.
  5. Beaune/France (Jean-Pierre Lepine), April 16-18, 1998: Epidemiology of Mental Disorders. Towards Integration and Psychosocial Factors.
  6. Budapest/Hungary (Janos Füredi), April 6-8, 2000: From Epidemiology to Prevention.
  7. Aarhus/Denmark (Povl Munk-Jorgensen), April 17-20, 2002: New Psychiatric Epidemiology.
  8. Mannheim/Germany (Siegfried Weyerer), June 23-26, 2004: Determinants and Consequences of Psychatric Illness.
  9. Bordeaux/France (Helene Verdoux), June 14-17, 2006: Prevention and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders.
  10. Dubrovnik/Croatia (Veljko Djordjevic and Aran Tomac), June 11-14, 2008: Topic not specified.
  11. Bergen/Norway (Arnstein Mykletun), June 16-19, 2010: Topic not specified.
  12. Maastricht/The Netherlands (Jim van Os), June 13-16, 2012: Closing in on the Envirome in Mental Health.
  13. Ulm/Germany (Thomas Becker), May 21-24, 2014: Disease Burden and Service Delivery.
  14. Gothenburg/Sweden (Ingmar Skoog), November 30-December 3, 2016: Social Psychiatry and Epidemiology in a Changing World.
  15. Vienna/Austria (Johannes Wancata), April 4-7, 2018: Topic not specified.
  16. Cambridge/UK (James Kirkbride), September 8-10, 2022: Public Mental Health Reimagined: A Roadmap Towards Global Equity. Postponed from 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

List provided courtesy of professors emeriti Anthony Mann & Siegfried Weyerer. You can read more about the history of our Section in a paper written by Mann & Weyerer here.